Spacetug is a short exploration into the concept of physics-based space logistics. Over 17 levels and about an hour you will experience the day in a life of a Spacetug pilot; moving cargo to and from huge cargo vessels, cleaning up the debris of life in space, and assisting military operations in a logistical capacity. 

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Spacetug (Windows).zip 90 MB
Spacetug (Mac).zip 96 MB
Spacetug (Linux).zip 97 MB

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Hi, after a few hours spent on this, I was near to complete last levels, when I've accidently cliked on that grayed-out button on the upper right in the menù interface and then suddently all level completion status has been resetted (!!??).
Maybe a post-click action confirmation request/warning should be implemented there.

Also to make ship navigation more realistic (and simple), I strongly suggest you to adopt a standard controls schema like this (for QUERTY keyboard):
- [A]/[D] => full left/right thrust only (producing linear moviments);
- [W]/[S] => full front/rear thrust only;
- [Q]/[E] => full left+right / right+left thrusts, producing a clock-wise/counter-clock wise rotation;

Thanks for your work.

This is an awesome game. The physics are really fun to play with and work out, the task system is easy to understand, and the magnet is awesome! Can't wait to finish all the levels! And the atmosphere is great too! (Thanks for having all platforms, even mobile)


I like this game

Thanks for playing!