A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Project Starfighter  is a cooperative third person space shooter, focused on exhilarating combat without complicated controls!

The alpha demo includes one level, to play with by yourself or up to three of your friends online! We highly recommend the use of a gamepad.

We'd love it if you could give us some feedback!

Gamepad is highly recommended, and you can find the controls in the menu. If you'd like to use keyboard and mouse, the controls are as follows:

  • Mouse/Directional Keys: Turn
  • W/S: Speed up/Slowdown
  • Q/E: Roll Left/Right
  • Left Mouse: Fire Primary Weapons
  • Right Mouse: Fire Missiles
  • Escape: Menu

Known Issues:

  • Menu/UI does not scale correctly on aspect ratios other than 16:9
  • Some menus do not work correctly with a controller (yikes)
  • Player Preferences are saved between sessions, but the options menu doesn't display them correctly on subsequent plays.

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Project Starfighter 0.1.6 Windows.zip 77 MB
Project Starfighter 0.1.6 Linux.zip 84 MB
Project Starfighter 0.1.6 MacOS.app.zip 83 MB

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hi, the Linux version lunch but it's just a screen black and yellow and re yellow, the game not start why ?

Ah dang, I would have loved to play with game with keyboard or keyboard and mouse. But the mouse sensitivity is so ultra low that it is entirely impossible to make any useful turns with it. And the keyboard controls don't offer secondary fire... really a shame!

The game looks great! Would have loved to try it, made it till past the nebula until I gave up due to the controls.

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Hey, thanks for having a go! 

Sorry to hear you had issues playing; we are working on improving the mouse and keyboard experience as a top priority, but it didn't quite make it into the 0.1.6 update!

We do highly recommend playing with a controller, it's our primary targeted control method. However, you can indeed fire missiles on a keyboard using Left Control!

Hoping you keep an eye on the game and give it another go once the updated controls are in!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, we should have full remapping available in the next update!

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Okay, I gave it another go. You didn't mention the left control key anywhere and due to how the missiles work, I didn't get any feedback this might be the key.

I gotta say I love the atmosphere, the visuals and the audio of this game. All of that is very satisfying and I think it's even carrying the game at the moment. I am not very experienced with this genre (I only played Star Wars Rogue Squadron and Aquanox), but the game very quickly appears to lose all pace once you start disassembling the station screw by screw. I wish I could give you feedback on what to improve, but I'm afraid I can only say, at some point I started to feel more like a space engineer than a space fighter.

For the fights, the best exploit I found was to disengage entirely from the fight, then turn around and shoot missiles at the enemies one by one. Which is pretty dull. On the other hand, I was glad it worked as the close combat I suppose you intended would have been too much to take for me - the enemies are so fast and difficult to hit on close distance. Maybe this is what you're going for, but, again, from my gut feeling, I would have said maybe look at how AAA genre games handle this bit and copy the good parts from it.

In summary, I was suprised by the overall presentation of the game. Really solid. I believe you will be able to turn the game into the direction you want. Keep it up!

Hope this feedback helps! :-)

by the way, I have a hama urage gamepad that works with almost all games, but this one couldn't detect it, which is why I played with keyboard.


Thanks heaps for your feedback! Definitely helpful stuff!

In regards to the controller, we've been getting reports of controller issues but having a very hard time replicating them. Seems it might be a more widespread problem than we thought, so apologies for recommending something that didn't work!